About Us

hoplu’s mission is to maximize good coaching and training while improving accessibility for all. We have decided to create a product for truly serious coaches and athletes willing to work towards their goals. We had been using technology for a long time and experimented with available solutions to facilitate skill building in our students.

One day as more and more video analysis tools had come available, we realized something; all these great video analysis apps are centered around the video creation, viewing, and analyzing as opposed to the actual skill building process.

The technology is finally here to support the product that we hope can help many coaches and players. hoplu is developed by coaches and players to aid in actual skill building on an individual basis. We believe coaching is an individualized art and needs to stay dynamic yet focused with minimum interference.

We will keep working hard at our mission & hope hoplu will be a positive part of your skill building life. We are here to serve you and love to hear any feedback/suggestions/etc you might have.

Meet the Team

Alexander johansson

Alexander Johansson – Founder

As a technology embracing & design educated lover of competitive sports coaching, Alex wants to advance productive and logical technology use in coaching. Alex dreamt up and designed hoplu after 28 years as a tennis player, College coach, & Junior academy coach. Having competed in 5 sports and coached since age 12, Alex is as passionate about coaching and improvement as one can imagine.

Ron woods

Ron Woods – Advisor

Ron has been invaluable as an advisor and early believer in the vision of hoplu. Ron is the Past President of the United States Professional Tennis Association, Past President of USPTA Texas Division, USPTA Master Professional, 2010 USPTA National Pro of the Year. Inducted into the 2011 Texas Tennis Hall of Fame.

Jason rylance

Jason Rylance – Lead Developer

A well-rounded knowledge of software development, user interface design, and web application architecture allows Jason to bring the ideas that make hoplu to the device you're currently using.

Clay reuter

Clay Reuter – Copy Writer / Content Designer

Clay is the analytical and language mind behind hoplu copy and content. Clay is a former competitive junior tennis player and a USPTA certified Tennis coach.